Dawn Winteroak/Stratford

Dawn was born 'Dawn Winteroak' into the family

of Helen Winteroak, the Ambassador-at-Large for

the Highlands of Afon. As the youngest daughter

in a diplomat's house, she had spent most of her life

traveling from one planet or colony to the next,

always traveling. When her family is brutally killed

it is her uncle Llewellyn who not only comes to her

rescue but also adopts her into his own young


At fourteen years of age, Dawn is like many young

teenagers: curious about the world and eager to try

and understand it all. Unlike her peers, however,

she has two things that make her unique. First, and

most oviously, she has a solid black coat and black

hair. Not a stripe, spot or rosette to be seen. Just

plain plain plain... As if her fur coat wasn't enough,

there is one more thing that makes her so very

different from all the others: she has wings! Oh, what

will everyone say when they find out about that!