Llewellyn Silverglade of House Stratford

As the Father of the house, Llewellyn can also be referred to

as 'Llewellyn Startford of Clan Silverglade.' House names are

matriarchal while clan names are used by males only. Llewellyn

was the middle of seven children and the oldest of four brothers.

When things went poorly as a young adult, he enlisted to serve

alonsgside the massive Shukurae warriors and spent most of

his young adult life living off-world, traveling from one military

hotspot to the next.

After meeting Ivy, Llewellyn set asside his military career and

returned to the homeworld of Afon to start a family. He spends

his spare time in town teaching basic swordsmanship and

devotes as much time as he can in supporting and promoting

the family business. He is quite happy to play the part of a simple

family man, but when danger comes to their doorstep, he does

not shy away from action!